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Other Insurances Policies

Other Kind of Insurance polices

Burglary Policy: Burglary insurance policy offers compensation for loss and damage resulting from a burglary attempt in your premises. 

House holder's Policy: Covers loss or damage to your jewellery and valuables by accident or misfortune whilst kept, worn or carried anywhere in India subject to the value declared in the schedule. Covers domestic appliances against unforeseen and sudden physical damage due to mechanical or electrical breakdown.

Personal Accident Policy: “Personal accident insurance is a policy that can reimburse your medical costs, provide compensation in case of disability or death caused by accidents. ... Accidental death: If the policyholder dies in an accident then his nominee gets accidental death compensation. The family is financially secure in this situation

Fire Loss Of Profit Policy: Fire Loss of Profit Insurance tends to address this important business requirements. It covers Loss of Gross Profit and /or increase in cost of working due to reduction in turnover/output due to operation of peril covered in the Standard Fire & Special Perils Policy.

Group Mediclaim Policy: Group Health Insurance (or Group Mediclaim) provides healthcare coverage to a group of people belonging to a common community (typically as employees of a company). Group Health Insurance  plans are generally uniform in nature, offering the same benefits to all employees or members of the group.

Marine Cargo: Marine insurance protects from business losses incurred during water transport operations. While policies vary, there are four standard types: hull, cargo, freight revenue, and negligence

Shop Keepers Policy:Shopkeeper Insurance Policy covers all the probable risks and perils faced by small to medium sized shop owners.It provides protection for the property and the interests of the Insured in the business venture. Loss to the Building. Perils as per Standard Fire & Special Perils Policy including Earthquake Risk.

Professional indemnity insurance covers financial loss, personal injury and property damage resulting from your negligent act, error or omission while you're working for a client. ... And it's employers' liability insurance that you need to cover employee claims for workplace injury.

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